Making your first API Call

Making your first API call

Before you go ahead and make your API calls to emSigner, please ensure you have the following

  1. App Name + Access Key
  2. User Auth Token

Step 1 - Generate App Name + Access Key

To generate this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to emSigner with your credentials
  2. Navigate to settings (under your name, on the top right of your dashboard)
  3. Go to Apps under the Admin section of the Dashboard (will show up only if you are a user setup with Admin privileges)
  4. Setup a new App Name and Secret Key as shown below. You can generate multiple App Keys for multiple applications that are trying to send signing requests to emSigner

Please make a note of these keys and keep them stored securely

Step 2- Generate App Name + User Token

This has to be done by the user on whose behalf you will originate the documents. To complete this, please ask the user to follow the steps below:

  1. Login to emSigner with their credentials
  2. Navigate to settings (under their name, on the top right of the dashboard)
  3. Go to Manage Auth Token under the Settings section of the dashboard
  4. Setup up an auth token by selecting an existing App (created as part of Step 1) and generating an auth token as shown below

Please make a note of this auth_token and keep this stored securely

Step 3- Making your first call

All API requests to emSigner requires a valid JWT token. To generate this for the first time, call the ValidateLogin method (available as part of the API documentation) as shown below:

To validate the user, you may either pass the Authtoken retrieved in Step 2 as part of the header (as shown above) or alternatively pass the emSigner login credentials instead of Authtoken of the user as part of the body as shown below:

Once you send this request, you should receive a successful response from the API server with a JWT token as shown below:

Now, this JWT token can be used to make all subsequent API requests to the emSigner API server